The paintings oscillate between the topic of human figure and abstraction. The dialectic firm/ liquid is born on the lakeshore where l live. Diverse languages of pictorial epression look for one goal, which is power of image. 

Figure: The witness of female emancipation since 1968 starts his nudes with Precise powerful portraits. Face to face between model and painter commands subtle but dramatic changes of positions. Models are personal acquaintances. Short live  sittings lead to lively renderings. Scenography around the head -to toe-figures springs from longtime acrivity illustrating theater/opera  for newspaper.


They orbit from figure to sign. “Sinfonic” invention,composition and expression ask for big sizes. The painter is also a lifelong, active musician on the the flute. Such a rather latin bifocality does not have an easy life here, Where Didactics reign in front of Synthesis, and where there is emptiness. In the middle between chaos and order. Yet again stories are admitted. Baroque and Jugendstil lift flags, whereas Kandinsky turns in his grave.